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“Fish balls” aren't just good, they're delicious!!

Last updated: 3 Mar 2024  | 

Benefits of fish balls
High in protein, easier to digest than other types of meat.
Nourish the brain, improve memory and learning
Contains amino acids to repair worn out parts.
mineral iodine Prevent goiter
Omega 3 helps with blood circulation in the body.
But the body will receive the most of these nutrients from fish balls. Only when the raw materials used must be real sea fish. Which no worries at all. “Teng Hai Sea Fish Balls”
Made from pure marine fish meat.
no flour
No substances harmful to health
Eat it and get all the benefits, you won't get fat, you won't have to feel guilty.
Interested in inquiring or ordering?
Line : @tenghai (has @ )
Delivery Teng Hai Fish Ball Noodles
Sathu Pradit Branch (Closed every Sunday)

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